High expectations: drains and replacements

I’m not a stranger to this feeling, yet how to deal with it often feels foreign.

High expectations lure you in with the excitement that comes from pride then defeats you at every turn.

It drains the rewards from your achievements. It’s never enough. It leaves you winded even when you achieved more than you usually would.

It drains the joy from work. Every step you make rarely compares to what you imagined, what’s the point then?

It drains the rest and energy from anything outside your practice. There is always to much left to do, you should be doing work.

It leaves nowhere to hide, only disappointment. Instead replace high expectations with the following.

Find the fun again. Do things the way you enjoy. For anything else, do it differently until you find the fun.

Make the things you like. Remember to constantly update the things you like.

Think systems not goals. As a creative, ground your identity with the act of creating, not what you create.

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