I'm a programmer whose favourite thing to program is games. I was born in Singapore and raised (mostly) in Sydney. Growing up in a household full of gamers (which I would not change a thing about), my grades were not great, except for the first game I developed for a software development class in high school. I went on to study computer science and game development at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Singapore.

I co-founded No Moss Studios, based in Sydney, in 2017 with three friends and the support of our mentors at No Moss. My fondest moments there include exhibiting at PAX Aus 2017 & 18, mentoring high school students who joined us for their work experience week, and starting 'Play & Tell', a present-then-play style event for local game developers to mingle, share and playtest their games.

I feel strongly about the impact of games on culture, and subsequently the influence it has on society. Now, I'm on a journey to better understand how games grow culture and how that might push the potential of what games can be.

I'm addicted to bouldering, aspire to be an armchair philosopher and currently reside in Sydney. Most people call me 'Zee'.