What I'm doing

I'm currently doing an internship as a junior software engineer at Wargaming Sydney. I'm very happy with this role. The work is exciting and the team is lots of fun to work with. The internship program goes till December 2019.

On the indie game development side, I recently released the first public demo of irori with the team! We're calling ourselves PomePomelo. I'm really proud of the team for this release and so grateful for the reaction so far. Next steps would be to finalise what the full game's design would look like and look for funding.

I'm obsessed with climbing. I mainly boulder at my local 9 degrees boulder gym. I try to climb three times a week.

I started joining my local parkrun! It's a weekly, volunteer driven, community run which tracks your timing. What an amazing initiative to get people running together. I immediately felt like it was something I could get addicted to after my first run. I'll be doing more of it and will look into volunteering to give back!

Reading now:

Recently finished reading:

  • How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, by Mohsin Hamid (Oct 2019)
    • Would recommend: If you're looking for a novel with themes of life, death and regrets written in second person. (the novelty felt refreshing to me!)
  • When, by Daniel H. Pink (Sept 2019)
    • Would recommend: If you want a perspective on being effective based on when you do things.
  • The War Of Art, by Steven Pressfield (Aug 2019)
    • Would recommend: If you want to improve your relationship with any work you're passionate about.

Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Say hi or ask me about anything I'm doing on twitter, @_zhimingchen.

Updated on 6th November, 2019.