What I'm doing

I'm currently based in Singapore, working remotely with the Wargaming Sydney studio. I am grateful that I get to work with this great team while being around friends and family.

On the indie game development side, I'm working on personal projects in my free time. Most of it is aimed at exploring my creativity and own style. I release any games on my itch.io page.

I am still doing improv and deeply engaged in it. It's a rush when you're performing in the moment and can feel the energy when audiences are engaged with what you're creating, during and after the show. Always finding new ways to grow in improv and getting blown away by other improvisers keeps me feeling inspired by this art form. 😌

My other current hobbies include climbing and playing the djembe!

Say hi or ask me about anything I'm doing on twitter, @_zhimingchen.

Updated on 2nd October, 2022.