What I'm doing

I'm currently doing an internship as a junior software engineer at Wargaming Sydney. I'm quite happy with my role; I enjoy what I'm learning everyday and my team is super welcoming. I'll be in the program until December 2019.

I’m also working on a game about cooking food for weary travelers. Our working title now is Irori, which is the japanese word for the sunken hearth in the game. The plan is still to release the demo and look for funding in September.

I'm obsessed with climbing. I mainly boulder at my local 9 degrees boulder gym. I try to climb three times a week. I'm super keen to climb outdoors for the first time (hopefully soon!).

I'm maintaining an exercise routine based on a book called Overcoming Gravity. I restarted the routine on the 8th September 2019. I have not been doing a very good job at maintaining it 🙁

Reading now:

Recently finished reading:

  • When, by Daniel H. Pink (Sept 2019)
    • Would recommend: If you want a perspective on being effective based on when you do things.
  • The War Of Art, by Steven Pressfield (Aug 2019)
    • Would recommend: If you want to improve your relationship with any work you're passionate about.

Currently living in Sydney, Australia.

Say hi or ask me about anything I'm doing on twitter, @_zhimingchen.

Updated on 8th September, 2019.